The Truth About Consistency with Exercise

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Last time, I wrote about the Truth about New Year Resolutions. I hope you made some amazing and realistic resolutions and have come past the ‘Quitters Day’ successfully! If you aren’t aware, 2nd Friday of January is called the ‘Quitters Day’ because research has shown that people quit their new year resolutions by then. Even if you’ve had a bumpy start to your resolutions, don’t worry. In this newsletter we are going to look at ‘How to stick with exercise’ 

Consistency is key! Consistency beats motivation, it beats intensity, it beats perfection … always.  

But how? Life always just seems to get in the way, isn’t it?

The truth about Consistency


“Work is really busy.”
Or your kid is going through a “phase.”
Or you are travelling.
Or “I just don’t know where my day goes!” 

Sounds familiar? 

Any number of obstacles, distractions, and competing demands can make it so easy (and understandable!) to put your fitness, nutrition, and health goals on hold. Most of us have done this. We tell ourselves, “I’ll start that new habit when life calms down a bit.” 

But here’s the truth:

Things never really slow down permanently. And so, we persistently delay improvements to “another time.” 

Occasionally, life does offer a tiny, ideal window, and we try to do it all—all the food prep, all the fitness classes, all the meditating. 

But it’s just a window. 

When it closes, we’re stuck again, struggling to make progress  

So here’s how to keep moving … It starts with a paradigm shift:


Don’t think of your health habits as an “on” or “off” switch; imagine they’re on a dial. 

When life is sweet and smooth, you can turn your exercise, nutrition, and sleep dials way up—if you want. Bust through your PBs at the gym, eat all the Spinach, meditate like a monk. 

But if life is bumpy and crunched, you don’t have to switch off completely. Just turn the dial down a little. 

If you can’t do the whole workout, do some foam rolling. If you can’t make healthy, balanced meals at home, add a side salad to your takeout.  

Here’s how the DIAL method might work for Exercise

You can apply this same thinking to your nutrition, sleep, stress management, relationships, and environment.

Whatever the goal, there’s a range of improvements to make—it’s never “all or nothing.” Makes sense isn’t it?

The truth with Consistency is:

The strongest people aren’t doing it all. 

They’ve just learned to do something—even on the messiest, busiest, temptation-filled days.

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