So here is the truth about losing belly fat

Fitness Ignited - Blog - Losing Belly Fat

So here is the truth about losing belly fat

We’ve all seen magazine and internet articles with titles like this:

“The 5-Second Flat Belly Trick!” Or:“12 Days to a Six-Pack!”

But here’s the truth:

Belly fat isn’t eradicated quickly, nor is being “totally shredded” always the most productive health goal.


Some types of belly fat are associated with health risks.

Visceral fat—that’s belly fat found deep in your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs—is linked to chronic inflammation, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other metabolic disorders.

(Subcutaneous fat—the padding just under the surface of the skin—is relatively benign.)

Of course, without slicing yourself open (hard pass), you won’t easily know what kind of fat your belly harbors.

Luckily, the healthy behaviors that help you lose belly fat for aesthetic reasons will also help you improve your health and reduce your risk of disease.

They look something like this:

  • Consume a diet centered around minimally-processed foods. (This makes it harder to overeat, and easier to feel satisfied and meet your nutrition requirements.) Win, Win Win!
  • Find movement that you like and will do regularly. (Consistency beats just about everything else.)
  • Eat slowly and mindfully. (Helps improve mind-body awareness so you can more easily eat the right amount for your body.) 
  • Practice self-compassion. (Sure, it sounds far stretched? but it’s linked to healthier eating, more consistent exercise habits, and lower rates of anxiety, depression, and perceived stress.)

    Not exactly rocket science, huh?

But consider: How many people actually do these things… day in and day out?

Well, statistically-speaking: 67% of Australian adults are obese. I would bet a majority due to basic lifestyle choices.

The point: If so few people can do just the basics, how likely is it that they’ll be able to do something that’s even harder? Especially when they’re just starting out?

(Like those advanced, “cutting edge” nutrition or fitness protocols that “celebrity models and actors use.”)

The reality…

Fat loss tactics don’t need to be complicated. In fact, the “boring” stuff totally works—and is a lot more doable (and certainly more sustainable) than pretty much any “extreme” plan.

Fitness Ignited - Blog - Losing Belly Fat

Here is a photo I don’t need permission to share, because this is me in my trousers that were comfortably fitting a few years ago!

And I haven’t done a single crash diet, nor have I done 500 crunches a day (not my favorite exercise anyway). I just learned the basics and … the skills to apply them consistently!

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