Is clutter holding back your health?

 Have you heard anyone say something like this?

“Carbs are the enemy.” 

“Only strict diets help me lose weight.” 

“Rest days are for the weak.” 

“I will always have weak knees – it’s in the family” .. and more


This isn’t just a harmless noise

These are examples of mental clutter. Mental clutter like this actively interferes with our ability to make healthy choices. For example Sitting down to try a new meal? First, you have to navigate past the clutter. Thinking about enjoying some carbs at dinner? This clutter blocks the way. Planning to take a rest day? Don’t be surprised if it makes you feel guilty.

See how clutter starts impacting us? … But now imagine the power of Simplicity

Having everything you need and knowing exactly where to find it. This concept doesn’t just apply to your physical spaces but to your mental ones as well. When we clear out the clutter from our minds, we can distinguish what’s essential from what’s not. Drawing inspiration from the book Who’s in your Room?“, imagine your mind as a room. Every thought, every piece of information, and every person you’ve ever met takes up space in this room. Just like a physical room can become cluttered and chaotic, so can this mental space. But what happens when we apply principles of decluttering to our mental environment, especially concerning our health and wellness?


This analogy encourages us to scrutinize who and what we allow into our mental space. Each influence—be it a person, a diet fad, or a fitness routine—occupies valuable mental real estate. It’s essential to ensure these influences are beneficial rather than detrimental.



So how do I declutter?

  • Audit Your Influences: Reflect on the diet advice or fitness trends you follow. Where does this information come from? A random magazine or a reliable scientific source? If a piece of knowledge doesn’t advance your health, it’s clutter. Opt for high-quality, evidence-based information that genuinely serves your well-being.
  • Prioritize Quality Over Quantity: Don’t get bogged down by the minutiae, like the exact calorie count of two carrots. Focus on broader, more impactful health practices that align with your values and principles. This approach simplifies your health journey and keeps your mental space focused on what truly matters.
  • Set Boundaries: Just as you wouldn’t keep unwanted junk in your living space, don’t clutter your mental space with unhealthy diet ideologies or unrealistic fitness goals. Learn to say no to what doesn’t serve your health goals.
  • Regular Clean-ups: Regularly reassess the health information and relationships in your life. Evolution in your health journey might mean outgrowing old habits or influences that no longer serve your best interests.

Try this as ideas …

If your kitchen pantry makes it too easy to snack unhealthily, a declutter might mean reorganizing it to prioritize healthy snacks at eye level, much like curating content that feeds your mind positively. 

If your social media is filled with fitness influencers (yes those ones that tell you that if you don’t have a six pack, you are unfit) that leave you feeling inadequate, it might be time to follow more body-positive, realistic fitness coaches who align with your fitness journey and encourage sustainable practices. I can recommend you one right here 🙂

I will leave you with this thought…

Decluttering your mind results in simplicity. Simplicity results in consistency. And consistency gives results. I am yet to see anyone achieve their health goals without consistency.

In health and inspiration, 

Rishi Dadhe

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