Have You Filed Your Health Returns Yet?

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It’s that time of the year. End of Financial Year – which means Tax Returns! Will I get some money back or will I be paying more? 

Here’s a question though. Have you ever done a ‘Notice of Assessment’ on your Health? Checked whether your Health Earnings and Investments are giving you the Returns you need for a quality life? 

It’s time to ask yourself a thought-provoking question: 

Have you truly invested in your health in the year gone? Just like you diligently review your financial portfolios, it’s crucial to assess your health investments and evaluate the returns you’ve earned.

Is your Health getting the same love as your Wealth?


We meticulously analyze opportunities and seek guidance to maximize our wealth for a better life for ourselves and our family. 

But how often do you approach your health with the same level of diligence? 

This year, have you allocated your time, energy, and resources wisely? Have you nurtured your physical fitness, nourished your body with wholesome foods, and taken proactive steps to manage sleep, stress and prioritize self-care? 

If not, then what does that mean in terms of ‘Returns’ to you and your family?

Health is an investment that pays dividends far beyond mere numbers.

Consider this: What if you approached your health with the same fervor and attention to detail that you give your financial endeavors? What if you viewed your physical well-being as a precious commodity, worthy of careful cultivation and protection? 

Ask questions likes: Have I achieved the goals I set for myself? Am I satisfied with the progress I’ve made? 

It’s never too late to file your Health Returns.Start by reevaluating your priorities, setting realistic goals, and seeking support from professionals who can guide you. 

Just as you would consult financial experts for guidance on your Tax, seek advice from Health Coaches for your health.

The truth is “Health is Wealth, and it doesn’t come to you by wishful thinking, you have to earn it”
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