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Find out more about how I got to where I am, as it’s very likely I’ve been where you are now.

About me

I'm Rishi Dadhe, a Health Coach with the qualifications and experience to help you lead a healthier, happier life.

I’ve called Australia home for the past 18 years. Through life’s twists and turns, I’ve come to appreciate the value of health, resilience, adaptability, and the untapped strength within all of us.

In my corporate days spanning over 2 decades, I faced the same challenges many of you may be facing today. The pursuit of professional success often meant putting my health on the back burner. I’ve personally experienced the toll it can take on well-being, both physically and mentally. It’s not just your own well-being but also the well-being of your loved ones that gets affected.

My Why...

Why I started Fitness Ignited over 4 years ago

Australia (and many other parts of the world) is experiencing a paradox; our life expectancy is nearing an impressive 90 years, yet our obesity levels are staggering at nearly 70%. This alarming disparity saddens and scares me. Witnessing the potential impact of these trends, both personally and in society, drives me to make a change. It gets me out of bed each day with purpose, to work towards my mission, to help as many people as I can live a long, successful quality life.

Hence I am on a mission to help busy parents and professionals, like you, to move better, get leaner, stronger, and eat healthier – all under real-life conditions. Focussing on health coaching that equips you with skills to navigate the challenges of everyday life, so that you can enjoy a long-lasting active and quality lifestyle while being incredible role models for your loved ones.

Fast forward to today

What sets us apart

It is not just my experience but my commitment to your DeepHealth (all dimensions of health), helping you thrive as a whole person in your whole life. We’re not here to boast about overnight transformations or promote flashy solutions. We are not just about body fat percentage; we are also about how you feel, think, live, sleep, and connect with others. Our mission is to help you prioritize health and create a balance that allows for both professional success and a healthy lifestyle. Together, we’ll make lasting changes and ensure that success is truly fulfilling.


Whats important to us

Our values and approach

Here, we’re rooted in values of resilience, fulfillment, and the pursuit of lasting change. My transition from the corporate world shapes my commitment to helping you find the path to well-being, free from quick fixes and flashy solutions.



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DeepHealth: Your Gateway to Holistic Well-being

Welcome to DeepHealth, where we unlock the power of holistic well-being. Our approach is more than just a program; it’s a transformative perspective that encompasses the six essential facets of health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Existential, and Environmental. 

What Is DeepHealth Coaching?

DeepHealth coaching is about diving deep into your life to uncover the root causes of your health and fitness challenges. We ask the fundamental question, “What’s truly blocking your well-being?”

A Comprehensive Approach

We delve beneath the surface, identifying the underlying issues affecting your health, be it nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, or mindset. We don’t just fix problems; we build on your strengths, making your bright spots even brighter. We recognise that everyone is unique, tailoring our approach to what you need most, whether it’s nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, mindset, or a blend of these elements.

We understand that all health dimensions are interconnected. Improving one aspect boosts others, creating a synergy for lasting progress.

For Individuals and Workplaces

DeepHealth goes beyond individuals; we also support workplaces in promoting well-being. We guide individuals and organizations on their journey to holistic health.

Unlock the Power of DeepHealth

Experience the transformative potential of DeepHealth coaching with us. Whether you’re an individual seeking rejuvenation or a workplace striving for health and productivity, we’re your partner on the path to a more vibrant, resilient life.
Fitness Ignited - Deep Health Explained

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